Tuesday, November 26

McDonalds Ebi Burger

For some reasons, Mcdonalds Ebi Burger is a consistent topic these days among my circle of friends insisting that I should go try it. 

Ebi Burger was the number one selling burger in Japan and was recently introduced in Singapore. 
I decided that I should give it a try today and decide for myself what the big "hoohaa" it is about this burger. In fact I actually went for the double Ebi burger to  experience "twice the love"
To my delight and amazement, this burger is delicious! It is almost like a piece of prawn in every bite. The sauce compliments the meat in every way.

Pizza Making At Pastamania Doughworkz


Wait a minute! Did i title this article correctly? What has pizza making got to do with pastamania? Isn't pastamania all about pastas? Well, i do know of pizza items in their menu, just never had the intention to pick one for my choice of meal.


Today i had the chance to experience the making of my very own pizza.
How great is that!


Ingredients for the making of pizza are;
4)Soy Oil
6)Olive Oil
7)Baking Powder
Apron and chef hat for making of pizza. This is cool!20131120-205023.jpg
More ingredients including cheese topping, mushrooms,luncheon meat, tomato dressing.
Ok let's get to work!

After the dough is formed, we had to knead the edges for the crust followed by some pressing and turning.
It was all fun i must say. Here are some photos of the process,

This is how i decorate my piece of art. Hope it turns out good!


Off to the oven it goes!

20131120-210334.jpg20131120-210416.jpg20131120-210217.jpg 20131120-210300.jpg 20131120-210449.jpg 20131120-210526.jpg
The master himself
 20131120-210704.jpg 20131120-210737.jpg
If you are looking to hold a party or event, you might wish to consider holding it at Doughworkz at Pastamania. This little room can hold up to 50 people. Whether its a birthday or get together session, it will really be a great experience making your own pizza together. 20131120-210813.jpg 20131120-211017.jpg
Classes for pizza making is available at Nex Shopping @serangoon

PastaMania - Nex
23 Serangoon Central
NEX Mall
Singapore 556083

Tel: 6634 2115
Fax: 6834 3069
Email: nex@pastamania.com 

Sunday, November 24

Traditional Chendol

20131031-231750.jpg It has become a ritual for my family to visit this humble little push cart store selling Chendol and nothing else whenever we pay our relatives at Simpang Renggam in Malaysia a visit. This store has been around for decades and I have seen the grandfather serving bowls after bowls of Chendol. The father took over and now it is the son who is at the helm. This is truly a great 3 generation business.

Saturday, November 23

Mcdonalds Chicken McMuffin

Tried out the new burger Chicken Mc Muffin being dished out by Mcdonalds for breakfast. Turned out to be a disappointment as it's exactly like the Mc Chicken on its standard menu. 20131026-123617.jpg Candy Crush Secrets

Friday, November 22

Wadori Meat with rice


It's Friday and I decided to indulge in a bit a jap food but at the same time maintaining my purse strings. Therefore I went for the wardori meat sticks accompanied with rice. It turns out to be quite good. I chose the cheapest of the lot and ended up with 1 stick of chicken, 1 stick of meat ball, and 1 stick of pork belly.

Thursday, November 21

The Magnum Experience

Having an ice cream is perhaps one of the best way to release stress. A perfect compliment to any meal. In fact there is always some room for ice cream no matter how heavy a meal you have had.

20131104-181127.jpg Magnum ice cream, as we know it comes in a stick or cone and was easily available in our downstairs "mama shop" or 7-eleven. However this Magnum outlet at Vivo city begs to be different by letting customers add their own touch to their ice cream.

20131104-181605.jpg From the overwhelming choice of flavours to choose from including the likes of vanilla, mango, butterscotch among others right down to the multiple toppings you might wish to add on your ice cream. How great is that?



This whole dipping and dripping experience just whets our taste buds. Give it to me now! Haha

20131109-222122.jpg There you have it. The final product! A fine piece of art. Ice cream can be this good. :)