Thursday, June 28

Baby Money Tracker 2

Great things can happen when you least expect them to. Just like in the case of my first baby Chloe where we waited almost 5 years for her arrival into our lives, Baby number 2 came unexpectedly as well. No planning, no expectations.  

In the same way as Baby Chloe, i will be tracking all the expenses in as detailed a way possible.  

Money spent on Baby Charlotte since conception;
$196.00       Sep 2016  Baby scan (10 weeks)                                              
$35.00         Oct 2016  Bio Oil (60ml & 200ml - free tumbler)                               
$564.00       Nov 2016  Detailed Ultrasound Scan for baby body measurements  
$19.90         Nov 2016 Wet wipes, shampoo, detergents
$49.00         Dec 2016 Maternity wear
$1177.00     Dec 2016 Delivery package (12 gynae visits)
$80.00         Dec 2016 Medicine & Supplements  
$20.00         Jan 2017 Nursing Bra x2
$35.00         Jan 2017  Bio Oil
$595.00       Feb 2017 prenatal insurance 
$1846.00     Feb 2017 savings plan insurance 1st year
$120.00       Feb 2017 Tonic and Herbs
$79.00         Feb 2017 Medicine & Supplements (Baby Checkup)
$10.00         Mar 2017 Nursing Bra x1
$40.00         Mar 2017 Fish oil supplements
$148.00       Mar 2017 Core concepts (physiotherapy -wife's back pain 1st consultation)
$120.00       Mar 2017 Core concepts (physiotherapy for wife's back pain)
$89.00         Mar 2017 Medicine & Supplements (Baby Checkup) 
$75.80         Apr 2017 Wet wipes, shampoo, detergents
$90.00         Apr 2017 Tonic and Herbs
$4.50           Apr 2017 Coconut (Every friday for 3 weeks)
$96             Apr 2017  Cab / Uber / Grab fare to and from Home / Mount Alvernia 
$105.93       Apr 2017  ICAC Specialist (Blood test for Jaundice level) 
$170.00       Apr 2017  Chinese Name from Visiber
$12.84         Apr 2017  ICAC Specialist (Blood test for Jaundice level) 
$42.00         Apr 2017  Birth certificate registration at Mount Alvernia
$459.00       Apr 2017  Baby Specialist (Jaundice Lighting Equipment Rental)  
$2140.00     Apr 2017  Deposit to Mount Alvernia
$5355.99     Apr 2017  Balance payment to Mount Alvernia 
$350.00       May 2017  Massage package for mummy  

TOTAL COST : $14,124.96

$2836.07   Bed Charges & Doctor's fees (Baby)   
$4659.92   Bed Charges & Doctor's fees (Mummy)
$7495.99   Total Hospital Charges
===> $3450.00 deductible from medisave. 
===> $4045.99 payment by cash

And Finally!!!! In the early hours of 21 April 2017. Charlotte was born!!!

Charlotte at 6months

Charlotte at 12months

In conclusion, there was an increase of over $4k hospital and doctor charges after a gap of about 3 years. But being baby number 2, a lot of stuffs were carried over from her elder sister which certainly saved a huge cost for me. I am also thankful to my wife being a breastfeeding mum and my daughters for being breastfed babies.

PS: If you plan to get started in tracking your expense journey, i have some resources that I personally use to help track my money. However, at the end of the day, as long as you keep doing it, doesn't matter which method you use. 

Expense Tracker of my 2 babies
Baby Money Tracker 1 - Chloe
Baby Money Tracker 2 - Charlotte


Thursday, March 15

Let It Go

Monkeys are agile, mischievous and extremely fast at escaping. But there is a well known method to catch a monkey by using a coconut.

Monday, March 5

Follow Your Dreams

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Thursday, March 1

5 Ways To Make More Money This Year

While some of us are still attending "Lo Hei" sessions and giving out blessings in the form of 'angbaos', many of us are already feeling the after effects the most 'costly' month. Because everything that is being spent on in the CNY month money well spent. Hey! It's CNY after all and happens only once a year!