Friday, December 26

The Unsung Heroes

As we are enjoying our holidays, it is good to know that there are many out there sacrifing their time to keep us safe at home. :)

Movie Show: Night At The Museum 3

It's Christmas eve and it's been a long time since we last watched a midnight show and so there we are, booking a 1 am slot for this movie 'Night At The Museum 3'. 

The movie is about the corrosion of the tablet in New York and help is needed from the British Museum to decipher and restore the tablet or the characters in the museum will turn to wax forever. (If you had followed part 1 and 2, you would know that the tablet brings all wax figures in the museum to life ya.) We are then taken on a roller coaster ride with barbarians, cavemen, dinosaurs, Sir Lancelot and a muti-headed snake to name a few. 

The captivating part of this movie that made us catch all 3 editions is its ability to translate its fantasy into real life. These are the things you would not have thought possible in reality but then again with a little bit of magic, it just might happen. And Ben Stiller never fails to entertain. Oh Hugh Jackman made an appearance as well. 

Oh ya, Chloe doesn't know about our movie date. Shh..

Tuesday, December 9

Blood is thicker than water

Check it out! What are the chances of your cousin addressing you as "biao ge" instead of the usual "hello" or simply "cousin"? Especially in the modern age of ours where everything gets simplified. Well my cousin from Sabah just did, though it did sound weird but the realisation that we are close relative related by blood suddenly dawned on me into thinking that we are actually connected closer than we think. The saying  "blood is thicker than water comes to my mind. Hmm...

Monday, December 1

The New Paper Big Walk 2014 @ Benjamin Sheares Bridge

It's the big walk. This is probably one of the earliest walking event in Singapore as far as i can remember and the first walking event i participated back in my schooling days. 

This year, the walk will be held mainly at the Benjamin Sheares bridge starting from Nicoll highway and ending at the floating platform. 

The day started at 5am. After ah may finished with feeding Chloe, i gave Chloe a mini bath with hankerchief and dressed her up as it was too early in the morning and fearing she might catch a cold if we gave her an actual bath. 

Time was never in our control with Chloe around as although we had planned to reach the start point before 7am. Her hunger for milk ensured that we are still stuck at home at 6.30am. We finally managed to reach at around 7.30am
Chloe says i am still in the middle of my beauty sleep

Rare chance to pose with expressway signboard. 
Chloe still not in the mood for Photo
The Singapore Flyer!
Couple shot

Great feeling to be walking through ERP without paying. 
Now that's cool!
Yay completed my first big walk!

Alive Museum