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In my line of work as an accounts and audit person, it was said that "Not documented means no work done!'

Therefore this blog was created to document the mistakes and learning in my journey towards the path of financial freedom through aggressive savings and investments in forex and equities. Being a complete novice in these areas, any criticism or guidance is most welcomed. One of the best ways to keep yourself accountable is to announce to others what you plan to do -- so publicly announcing that i am going to do these challenges is a great first step.

With this blog i also hope to influence at least one other person who would take more interest in money.

In order for me to embark on my savings journey, I pledge to do the following:

1) Expense Tracking

Almost every money saving website i come across advocates this philosophy of tracking your expenses and it is absolutely true! If you do not know where your money is going to, then how in the world are you suppose to save? You would not have a basis to even start with.

Therefore the very first step is to track your expenses. When you start tracking, you are more mindful of what you spend because if its going to be recorded in this app, chances are you would not wanna find yourself in a situation where you regret this spending at the end of the month. But the most important step after tracking your expenses, is the analyzing or reflection part.

In actual fact, i have been tracking my expenses for many years. However, if you were to ask where i spend my money on? I do not know...because i did not analyse my expenses!!!

I started using monefy and highly recommend it for its simplicity and pleasing graphics. A monthly documentation of all my expenses will be updated here. This will be concurrent with tracking my baby expenses.

2) Credit Cards

I use cash as little as possible in order to take advantage of the rewards and incentives that credit card companies offer.
OCBC360  offers high interest rate for deposits in their account. 
POSB offers rebate for spending in its range of participating shops like Watsons. 
UOB One card offers quick payment with its flash pay function and rebates at Guardian Pharmacy.

In spite of all the perks, there is a tendency of over spending and chalking up credit card expenses, therefore i will make it a point to pay off whatever i spend immediately via bank transfer. A very useful app that i use to track my credit card spending is Monefy

3) Investing

An account has been set up with FX United for my forex trading. Update of this account will be documented here.

Index Investing
Simplicity and automation is the principle that i follow for my investments. There is forever an on-going debate about Singapore's two index fund regarding which is better than the other one. Between the STI ETF and Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF, i chose the Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF simply because of DBS regular savings plan being linked to this index fund. Just set the amount for deduction and everything is automated. Cool!

4) Challenges

Projects that i am currently working on;

1) 52 Week Money Challenge
2) 52 Week Coin Challenge
3) 6 Jars to financial freedom
4) 52 Less Things
5) Agedashi23 Blog - Update of this blog!!!
6) 365 Days Ducky Challenge

If you have any queries with regards to my blog or any other matters, feel free to contact me at

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