Thursday, November 21

The Magnum Experience

Having an ice cream is perhaps one of the best way to release stress. A perfect compliment to any meal. In fact there is always some room for ice cream no matter how heavy a meal you have had.

20131104-181127.jpg Magnum ice cream, as we know it comes in a stick or cone and was easily available in our downstairs "mama shop" or 7-eleven. However this Magnum outlet at Vivo city begs to be different by letting customers add their own touch to their ice cream.

20131104-181605.jpg From the overwhelming choice of flavours to choose from including the likes of vanilla, mango, butterscotch among others right down to the multiple toppings you might wish to add on your ice cream. How great is that?



This whole dipping and dripping experience just whets our taste buds. Give it to me now! Haha

20131109-222122.jpg There you have it. The final product! A fine piece of art. Ice cream can be this good. :)

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