Wednesday, July 6

Investing summary for Jun 2022

Jun 2022

RSP (retirement savings plan) with DBS. 
Monthly deduction of $100 on auto mode. 


For dividends investing. 
Added $200 

Wednesday, June 1

Investing Summary May 2022

Investing summary for May 2022. 

Restarted RSP (retirement savings plan) with DBS. 
Monthly deduction of $100 on auto mode. 

Syfe REITS for dividends investing. 

Off track as it stands now. 
Catching up in 10 years? 

Syfe Core Equity 100 

Friday, May 20

Negative Net Worth $160k

Its finally done! I am now on a negative net worth of $160k 
After resting on my lazy butt with more than 10 years of higher interest rate with CPF, I have finally picked myself up and reached out to several refinancing companies for quotes and stuff. 

Fastest fingers first! This lady from Redbrick contacted me and sounded pleasant with the heart of a teacher educating me on this and that with regards to refinancing. Finally settled down on a 1.65% refinance with UOB after some advice from my pals as well.    

A simple calculation shows a savings of over $12k compared with CPF rates. 
Duration was also shortened from 17 years to 15 years on the new plan. 
So Cheers to paying off my house in 15 years time. 
Or until i pick my lazy butt again in future. 


Wednesday, March 31

Expenses March 2021

Monthly Expenses March 2021

Housing ($900.00) - Hdb loan repayment, Utilities, Wifi & Cable TV charges make up this list.

Personal ($37.90) - Handphone, haircut.

Transport & Taxi ($98.80) - Monthly EZ Reload top up of $40 for bus and MRT and a few taxi trips.

Food ($597.30) - Groceries and eating out

Giving ($1059.00) - Allowance for parents and wife who is now a stay at home mum to our 3 kids. Co-share TV with my siblings for our mum house. 

Kids ($107.95) - School fees, snacks and others 

Insurance ($481.39) - For self, for kids 

Total Expenses for January 2021: $3,272.00

Monday, March 15

The Missing Gold

An old man decides to sells all of his goods for a large pile of gold. He had never seen so much gold in his life! He wants to enjoy the beauty of the gold but at the same time worried that someone may steal it from him. He then thought of a great idea to bury it in his backyard and every day he would go to his backyard and dig up the the gold, admire the beauty of the gold and then covering the gold back in the ground.