Thursday, December 31

52 Weeks Money Challenge 2015

52 Weeks Money Challenge

6 Jars to financial freedom

Savings for the 6 jars are based on $10 per month allocated into their respective percentages. Balance of $12 for the year added to the everything monthly savings account.

52 Weeks Coin Challenge

Pretty good! $224.70 Started this challenge in 2015.
A grand total of $224.70 after deduction of the coin deposit fee of $3.62. 
It actually cost $0.012 to deposit 1 coin
Includes a little over hundred dollars from the pathetic savings from 52 weeks money challenge.

52 Weeks Increasing money challenge

I realise that it's a little inconvenient to find the exact dollar and cents to save every week. Therefore I have set up a recurring transfer of $26.50 per week from my OCBC to DBS bank. At the end of 52 weeks, i would still achieve the goal of $1378! I am soooo gonna do it! Yes!

Tuesday, December 15

Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016

Less than 5 % is left of 2015!

Resolution are made and forgotten.
Therefore i decided to make a list to commit myself to working on it.

1) 52 Week Money Challenge
2) Office plastic container savings - $1 coin
3) Office plastic container savings - $0.50 coin
4) Financial Jars of success
5) List 1 thing a week on carousell. 52 Less Things