Monday, January 13

The fisherman who tried to fish more

There was a Fisherman whose only income was from catching and selling the fresh fishes he caught.

The more fishes he caught, the more income he would receive.
However, to catch more fishes meant he had to travel a longer distance in the sea. 
And travelling a longer distance also took more time for the Fisherman to return home and as a result, the fish caught lost their freshness and was unable to fetch a good price. 

Friday, January 3

Monthly Savings & Expenses December 2019

Monthly Savings & Expenses December 2019

It's the final month of the year!
It also means the most difficult month to save any money because it's the season of giving and sharing!

Some of the things that gone by in December 2019 for me, attended a funeral of a friend's father, a baby shower of my cousin's first child, a new tenant, my wife's birthday, a trip to Port Dickson and of course Christmas and New Year.

From Strangers to Fans

How to Beat Facebook at their own game...
Winning at Facebook is like winning at the lottery...
Or at least that’s what I thought.
Before I ran into one woman who seems to have cracked the code.
And here’s the thing…
She’s willing to show you that code.