Tuesday, May 31

Monefy - Your Personal Finance Manager

Personal finance manager

monefy money manager

This first impression i have of apps for money managers, expenses trackers or budgeting is that it will be very complicated with a lot of details to enter and 'serious looking' layouts.

Wednesday, May 18

Tuesday, May 10

How Early You Wished You Had Started Investing?

Gshock watch 20 years ago
I was with my mum at a coffee shop the other day having lunch. As we were chatting away, i look over to her wrist and to my astonishment, i saw an 'ancient' piece of...timepiece on my mum's wrist! It's a watch i wore a long long time ago. It must have been 20 years ago...gosh how time flies. 

Friday, May 6

Monthly Savings & Expenses Apr 2016

Monthly Savings & Expenses Apr 2016

Monthly Expenses Apr 2016


House ($335.55) - Groceries shopping, utilities, household items.

Tuesday, May 3

Forex Trading - April 2016 Update

Forex Trading - April 2016 Update

It was a good month for me despite taking a minor loss as i learnt to trade using price action and towards a more stable trading method and pattern. This meant that i spend less time looking at the charts and only checking in about once or twice during the day as i have already set the required trading set ups.