Monday, May 26

Malaysia Pandas Fengyi and Fuwa

It was reported in the news that there will be 2 pandas named Feng Yi and Fu Wa to be loaned from China to Malaysia for 10 years to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries this year and will be housed in Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur

Tickets will be priced at RM20 for adults, and RM10 for children and senior citizens.

Only up to 3,000 visitors will be allowed a day and the exhibition will be open from 9am till 5pm.

The Malaysia PM will be deciding on the new names for Feng Yi and Fu Wa and what they will ultimately be named will be anyone's guess. Singapore has Jia Jia and Kai Kai, Taiwan has Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan. Going by this trend, how about Bo Bo and Leh Leh, Ring Ring and Git Git or perhaps Ka Ka and Wan Wan. 

Address :
Zoo Negara, Hulu Kelang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Saturday, May 17

NDP Ticket Balloting

The balloting for the most highly anticipated yearly event in Singapore begins!
We can choose to ballot for 2, 4 or 6 tickets to either the NDP Preview show on 2 August, or the actual NDP on 9 August 2014.
Apply through sms using this format to 9060 0199:
<NRIC No.> SPACE <No. of Tickets> SPACE <NDP/Preview> SPACE <SG/PR> SPACE <NAME> 
Successful applicants will be notified from 5 to 14 June via the contact number provided in their application.
Successful applicants may collect their tickets from 14 to 23 June, between 10am and 10pm daily, at The Float @ Marina Bay.
All successful applicants in the NDP 2013 ticket eBalloting exercise will not be eligible for this year's exercise. 

Thursday, May 15

Bunny Eating Raspberries

We humans are definitely a curious bunch of people. Can anyone explain how this video of a bunny simply eating raspberry could generate close to 10 million views on YouTube? Ok, it's cute, so cute and very cute.

It is a video of a bunny eating raspberries. That's all.

Monday, May 12

Premier League Champions Manchester City

Really disheartening to be seeing this early in the morning. Was hoping for a miracle of some sort to happen whereby westham would beat manchester city then by beating Newcastle, Liverpool would go on to claim the Premier League crown for the 19th time. Can't believe that the last time they did was back in 1990.

In any case, it was a thrilling season for Liverpool and supporters, sooo near yet so far. It's ok, i am sure with the current crop of players, we'll be back in the hunting come next season. Congratulations to Manchester City though, well done for hanging on.

Steven Gerrard. This should be the man lifting the crown!

Thursday, May 8

Man becomes mother of 13 ducklings

Read this article from new of the world today. 

"Matthew Sargent’s neighbor found 13 duckling eggs in a nest after the mother duck died. The compassionate man placed them in an incubator until they could hatch. But when they did, they imprinted on him and followed him around everywhere he went, appearing to believe that he is their ‘mother’. Now this man, with these 13 tiny fluffy children to care for, seems to be taking the new role in stride." 

Just as everyone who is on facebook, instagram or twitter who wish to have more likes and followers, looks like this guys just got 13 new followers and likes. How cool and sweet! :)

Wednesday, May 7

Peko Money Tracker - Cash Out 6

Cash out 6

As i reach cash out number 6, i have also reached 15 invites. However i discovered a strange fact. There are some people who are just not interested in making money, even it is easy as playing some game and then be rewarded for it. 

For my case, i was simply given an invite, no explanations, no walkthrough or any evidence of real cashout. I just went ahead and tried this out doing trial and error, reading all possible instructions and guides. But strangely enough, after my evidence of cashout and explanation given to some of my friends and aquaintances, they are still not interested. 

I guess what i can truly say is 'to each his own' sometimes you just cant spoon feed a person enough. 
Check out my "gold strategy" to improve your scores!

Peko Money Tracker - Cash Out 8

Cash out 8

What are the things we associate with when we mention Singapore? Best airport? Best government? Best sea port? 
There are just so many great achievements that i can be proud of being a Singaporean and staying in Singapore. 
An interesting conversation with Bratt, a fellow Pekoer got me thinking;
Bratt: Hi care for a peko?
Me: sure! Good luck!
Bratt: so where you from?
Me: Singapore, how bout you?
Bratt: From USA here. Singapore? Well, anyone got hit with a cane recently?
Haha thats interesting, not only are a known for our number ones, we are also a 'fine' country with strict laws that comes with caning.

Dian Xiao Er - Mother's Day Celebration

Dian Xiao Er - Mother's Day Celebration

Not sure of where to go for your Mother's Day celebration? Head on down to Dian xiao er for some good food and share your dining (MOM)ents on facebook and instagram and stand to win attractive prizes! 

Planning for an early Mother's Day celebration? Check out the set menu with indulgent dishes to pamper that important lady in your life! 

Don't forget to take a snapshot of your (MOM)ent dining and upload to to stand to win attractive prizes!

Planning for an early Mother's Day celebration? Check out dian xiao er's set menu with indulgent dishes to pamper that important lady in your life! 

Don't forget to take a snapshot of your (MOM)ent dining and upload to to stand to win attractive prizes!

Lotus root with pork ribs soup

Spiced prawnballs

Braised mushrooms, sea cucumber and abalone

Longetivity buns

Dong Po Pork

Silver cod fish in superior soy sauce

Duck roasted with wild ginseng

Serangoon NEX
23 Serangoon Central,
#02-09/10, NEX,
Singapore 556083
Telephone: 6634 4828

Mon - Fri
11.30am - 3.00pm (last order 2.30pm)
5.30pm - 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)
Weekend and Public Holiday
11.30am - 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)

Monday, May 5

Reaching for the stars

Exciting to spot another new sprout coming from my terrarium. This is the third new shoot. 

Peko Money Tracker - Cash Out 5

Cashout number 5

Still no new invites, but i gave myself a target of 10k points a day minimum if not more and see how it goes. Asking around for pekos certainly helps and making new peko buddies are a good way to ensure repeat pekos. 

I had previously mentioned about the peko gold strategy but i am sure there is none for a "jackpot strategy". You probably need bionic eyes to be able to catch the fast upwards scolling of the jackpot machine.

Peko Money Tracker - Cash Out 4

Cashout 4!

This cashout took a little longer than the previous one due to the fact that i had not registered any new invites. But i have more or less figured out the gold strategy and more often then not, i would end up in a green hole if i missed out on the gold. How do i do it? Check out the gold strategy!

Peko Money Tracker - Gold Strategy

Gold strategy!

The highest points in Peko are achieved by hitting gold, and the jackpot chance it brings along. Therefore it is the aim of every player to hit gold as many times as possible. However this is a game of roulette and luck plays an important role in hitting the gold spot, but wait a minute! Do we really want to depend of luck for this money spinning game? Why not try this gold strategy i have listed below and is tried and tested by many peko players. 

Let the 'gold hole; on the roulette turn to about the 1 o'clock position. Then release the ball with the least strength possible. That's it! Try and see if this method works for you. Good Luck! :)

Sunday, May 4

Peko Money Tracker - Cash Out 3

3rd cashout!

10 friends invited! More bonuses in the bag! However, i realised that not all successful invites are credited to me although i did it face to face. It appears that although my friend used my invite link but as i was not the first person who made the invite, the bonus points went to my other friend who probably invited earlier than me.

Feeling undone, i sent an email to peko support requesting for answers. In the end, after several email dialogues, the conclusion i got from peko support was that my peko version was not the most updated. (I was very sure i always had the most updated version) 
Nevertheless it's pointless to argue further as they are giving out free money afterall.

Friday, May 2

Should I Open An OCBC 360 Account?

The interest rates for the money we put in our banks here have always been low. And they are consistently in the region of 0.01 to 0.05 percent per annum. 

An interest rate war recently started between DBS and OCBC offering higher rates than the rest. 

DBS offered the Multiplier scheme which enable you to earn a maximum of 2.08% more on your savings. However, to fully benefit from this scheme, you would require to credit a salary of SGD15k which is a tall order for many people.

The OCBC 360 account is probably a better option looking at the following criterias;

3 criterias to be met in order to earn that 3.05% interest. 

1) Credit your salary into this account every month. (min SGD 2,000)
2) Spend $400 every month on your OCBC credit card
3) Pay 3 bills from this account every month 

The first and third condition is fairly simple as crediting of salary just requires a one-off arrangement and bill payments, oh i have lots of bills, therefore 3 bills is no problem.  However, to spend $400 using of credit card might require some carefully planning as not every one my purchases are feasible to use credit card. But the best part of this is that by simply fulfilling any of the criteria, i would already earn 1.05% which is higher than most banks and as interest earned are credited every month, i can earn the interest next month if i do not fulfill its criteria this month. 

 OCBC 360 is definitely the way to go!

Update 2016
The interest rates and requirements have changed. Click to their page to find out more. It still offers the highest rates in town. 

Peko Money Tracker - Cash Out 2

2nd cash out!

3 days have passed and it's cashout time again! Now that i have overcomed the "is it a scam" hurdle, i am able to go full steam ahead with this app that pays. I was also able to invite 5 friends and get my 10k bonuses to boost my points balance for this cashout. Easy money it seems.

Peko Money Tracker - Cash Out 1

1st cash out! 

It is an app where you play little mini games in the form of roulette with other users to earn points. Bonus points are rewarded if they are within 3 miles from your location and also when they respond within 10 minutes from the time you Peko them.

After 2 short days and a couple of invites i finally managed to accumulate 100k points and be eligible for cashout! Ok, 30 cents was deducted but hey i still managed to get 
USD 9.70 transferred to my paypal account. 

What is important is that I have proven that this app is not a scam and it pays out real money to play!

Thursday, May 1

5 Apps That Will Make Money For You

The smart phone in our hand can probably help us with a million ways and whether it's the calendar for tracking or just the calculator for simple sums, we can't take our eyes off it. Can we? If that's the case, why not see if our smart phones can make us some money.

Here are some apps that i have tried and tested that actually got me some hard cold cash. Some are better than the others but it all depends on the effort you put it. :) Cash outs can be via paypal or in the form of gift cards and free app purchase.

Checkpoints - Pays you for downloading and trying out apps. A couple of friend invites will push you towards your first cash out. But beyond that, its gets more challenging as they limit the number of apps for you to download and unless you are staying in USA, you will also find some apps unavailable to you.

AppTrailers -  Pays you for watching short clips of advertisements, movie trailers or games. Similar to checkpoints, cash outs become more challenging after the first one as they also limit the number of clips available for viewing.

8share - Pays you for sharing of articles and advertisement on your own social platform like facebook and twitter. However, you will require to share with a lot of people for this to work and can be a long wait before your first cash out.

iPoll - Pays you for taking surveys market research tasks. You are required to fill up surveys sent to you via emails. Some patience is require for this one as the emails might not come as regularly as you wished but as little effort is required, so it not all too bad. Point to note is to look out for some hints on where the survey is heading. If for instance, you are doing a cigarette survey, one of the first few questions will probably ask if you are a smoker, whether or not you are a smoker, if you answer no for this one, then you will not be allowed to continue with the survey.

Peko - Pays you for playing a roulette styled game with a random online user. Requires some effort to reach cash out but unlike checkpoints or app trailers, you do not have to wait for apps or videos to be available to you. You can play this app at your own pace and the more you play the faster you are able to cash out.