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5 Best Eating Experience at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

Experience the most sensational shopping experience of a life time in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall! Witness the fusion of history with modern everyday shopping, exciting events with a peace of mind that you have your treasured one-stop megamall from the latest fashion to culinary delights to an adventurous indulgence for everyone! - Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

A & W

My all time favourite has to be their frosty mug rootbeer icecream float, and who can forget their coney dog, curly fries and waffle with icecream. You can't find this restaurant in Singapore, but thanks to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall for bringing them in. 
Location: BD-077


Yam balls, sweet potato balls, red bean and pearls served with smooth ice and grass jelly. A complete recipe for a refreshing bowl of dessert. Enough said. Give it to me quick. This one is priced a RM7.30.

Location: F2-03AWebpage

93 Degree Cafe

This new kid on the block is out to please with its delectable choice of cakes and a different choice of coffee or tea that will last you for each day in a month. Cakes go for RM9.90 and tea or coffee at RM10.90. Make it a set and will cost you just RM19.90. 

Location: G-061A

Taang Shifu

Healthiness start with Taang Shifu. True to its motto, Taang Shifu is a soup themed restaurant which prepares its dishes linked with traditional medicine and tonics which are delightful to our tastebuds and gentle on our stomach with a detoxing effect. Priced between RM13.90 to RM29.90 per soup or dish, this could be a great choice for lunch or dinner with your family. Good food, good experience!

BN-10B & BN-08A,


Mamma Roti
The Roti Emperor

Photo credits: Ameera (food.com)
Inconspicuous and situated at the bottom of a flight of stairs leading to the basement shopping area, this small and humble looking shop churns out mouth watering coffee coated buns day in day out. 

However, do not be taken aback by the stern look on the lady behind the counter. She is just particular about the quality of her buns. Prepare to queue for a bite of these buns at RM2.80 each but worry not as the queues clear out pretty fast.  

Location : KG-07 Ground Floor 

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