Thursday, July 28

Investment Summary - July 2022

Investment Summary - July 2022


Added 3 shares of GOOGL 
Added 1 share of Grab 
Added 200 shares of Singpost
Added 200 shares of Japan Foods
Added 31 shares of Nikko AM STI ETF
Added $200 of Syfe REITS
Added $2,000 of Singapore Savings Bonds

What have I done?

A month of many activities and learning in the stock market for me. 
Did not know that premarket and post market trading in the US is actually a thing. 
Also got to know that dividend yield % is not everything! Dividend payout price is also an important factor. 

Friday, July 8

Monthly Expenses June 2022

 Monthly Expenses June 2022

Housing ($700.00) - Utilities, Wifi & Cable TV charges make up this list.

Personal ($732.00) - Handphone, haircut, changed a pair of spectacles $636. 

Transport & Taxi ($115.55) - Monthly EZ Reload top up of $40 for bus and MRT plus a few taxi trips.

Food ($1,183.00) - Groceries and eating out

Giving ($795.00) - Allowance for parents and wife. 

Baby ($253.40) - School fees, snacks and started on Chinese Tuition for C1 at $40 a class 

Insurance ($314) - For self, for kids 

Total Expenses : $4,892.00

Wednesday, July 6

Investing summary for Jun 2022

Jun 2022

RSP (retirement savings plan) with DBS. 
Monthly deduction of $100 on auto mode. 


For dividends investing. 
Added $200