Wednesday, April 30


And just like that, today marks the last day of the 2 most familiar voices at the other end of these 2 phone extension number 35 and 14 and they will be greeted by new voices, new personality and new faces.

14 is a motherly figure who give a sense of assurance to those around her and is also someone with whom you will not feel awkward to be around with. Talking to her is usually a good form of de-stressing for me. She will be one person sorely missed in the office.

Ever the party animal, 35 is one hell of an Indian chief. Brightening up everyone around her wherever she goes with her fun loving antics and positive energy. Life in office would be so much duller without her presence. Thoroughly enjoyed her company every time and not forgeting the endless assistance she has given me in my work. 

From strangers to colleagues, colleagues to friends. Although the office has seen the last of them, i will not, and i am sure about that. :)

Wishing both of them luck in their new endeavors.  

Monday, April 28

52 Week Money Challenge - Great Way To Start Saving

The concept of the 52 week money challenge is simple. Just follow the chart and set aside the same amount as the number of the week during the year. There will always be 52 weeks in a year, therefore in week 1, set aside $1, week 2 set aside $2. Just keep adding a dollar every week and at the end of the year, you will be $1378 richer! 

A friend of mine introduced this concept of the 52 week money challenge to me. I thought to myself "Yes i will do it!" I will put the money in and start to save every week in office. 

Therefore i decided to print out this chart and stick to the wall beside my desk. The next step was to look at the chart, scroll through to week 18, it says $171 then go to my online banking account, transfer this amount to my OCBC 360 savings account. Ok set! Done! Next week is week 19, so i will just require to transfer $19. 

As some wise men said. "It's not about how much you save, it's about cultivating the habit."
You can download the challenge chart here.. 

Update 2016
It is increasingly challenging to find small change of the odd dollar to continue with this saving. Therefore, to save the hassle of looking for the exact amount of change to be deposited, i have set up a recurring transfer of $26.50 every week, which would add up to the amount of $1,378 at the end of the year as well. 

52 Weeks Reducing Challenge

The 52 weeks reducing challenge is simply the reverse of the original 52 weeks challenge. For this challenge, we start with the largest amount of $52 for the first week and reduce that amount by $1 every week. We would still end up with $1,378 at the end of 52 weeks. I personally prefer this method as it is both visually and mentally inspiring. 

At the end of just 4 weeks, i would already have saved up $202. As the amount to save gets reduced each week, it would also seem to be easier to complete. Click here to download this saving chart.   

52 Weeks Automated Challenge

The 52 weeks challenge to save exact amounts each week is in itself a challenging challenge. Imagine you have a couple of $10 and $50 dollar notes in your wallet and you are suppose to save $47 this week, you probably have $3 too much or $2 too little. Therefore, to save the hassle of looking for the exact amount of change to be deposited, we can set up a recurring transfer of $26.50 every week with our bank to do the work for us. This would add up to the amount of $1,378 at the end of the year as well. 

The best part about this? Automation! The biggest problem many of us face is forgetting to save or not remembering to save. With a recurring transfer set up, we can ensure that the saving will definitely take place. Of course, just remember to ensure you have money in your bank. :)

Click here to download this saving chart.   

Tuesday, April 22

5 Best Eating Experience at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

Experience the most sensational shopping experience of a life time in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall! Witness the fusion of history with modern everyday shopping, exciting events with a peace of mind that you have your treasured one-stop megamall from the latest fashion to culinary delights to an adventurous indulgence for everyone! - Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

A & W

My all time favourite has to be their frosty mug rootbeer icecream float, and who can forget their coney dog, curly fries and waffle with icecream. You can't find this restaurant in Singapore, but thanks to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall for bringing them in. 
Location: BD-077


Yam balls, sweet potato balls, red bean and pearls served with smooth ice and grass jelly. A complete recipe for a refreshing bowl of dessert. Enough said. Give it to me quick. This one is priced a RM7.30.

Location: F2-03AWebpage

93 Degree Cafe

This new kid on the block is out to please with its delectable choice of cakes and a different choice of coffee or tea that will last you for each day in a month. Cakes go for RM9.90 and tea or coffee at RM10.90. Make it a set and will cost you just RM19.90. 

Location: G-061A

Taang Shifu

Healthiness start with Taang Shifu. True to its motto, Taang Shifu is a soup themed restaurant which prepares its dishes linked with traditional medicine and tonics which are delightful to our tastebuds and gentle on our stomach with a detoxing effect. Priced between RM13.90 to RM29.90 per soup or dish, this could be a great choice for lunch or dinner with your family. Good food, good experience!

BN-10B & BN-08A,


Mamma Roti
The Roti Emperor

Photo credits: Ameera (
Inconspicuous and situated at the bottom of a flight of stairs leading to the basement shopping area, this small and humble looking shop churns out mouth watering coffee coated buns day in day out. 

However, do not be taken aback by the stern look on the lady behind the counter. She is just particular about the quality of her buns. Prepare to queue for a bite of these buns at RM2.80 each but worry not as the queues clear out pretty fast.  

Location : KG-07 Ground Floor 

Monday, April 21

The Little B Money Tracker $$$

Having a baby is probably one of the most amazing thing that can happen to parents but can also be financially draining at the same time. And yes! The announcement of the coming of our Little B can finally be made as it is now more than 3 months since conception! (It is considered bad luck to announce within the first trimester.)

Therefore i am taking this step to track how much it would actually cost to be a parent these days.
(This list does not include gifts and presents which we received, would be receiving or pass downs from colleagues, friends, relatives and family. I can't put a price tag on all such gifts as they are all a token of love. Therefore a heartfelt thanks to all of you.) 

Special thanks to;
Evon my sister for providing us the baby cot, play pan, baby mattress, milk bottles and other accessories.
Janet, Yan yan and Meixin for providing us tons and tons of pre-loved baby clothes.
Rykiel for providing us some maternity wear. 

Money spent on Little B since conception;

$16.00         Feb 2014  Pregnancy tests at polyclinic                
$85.00         Feb 2014  Baby scan at NUH                     
$6.00           Mar 2014  First piece of clothing for baby                        
$244.00       Mar 2014  Baby scan (10 weeks)                         
$31.00         Mar 2014  Milk powder                               
$25.00         Apr 2014  Bio Oil (stretch mark prevention)        
$9.00           Apr 2014  Bra strap extenders                              
$177.00       Apr 2014  Baby Scan / blood tests(15 weeks)    
$900.00       Apr 2014  Delivery package (12 gynae visits)
$29.00         Apr 2014  Towels / Napkins / Bed sheets
$15.90         May 2014 Book of recipe for maternity month
$57.00         May 2014 Maternity pants x3
$9.00           May 2014 Top and shorts for Little B x3 (sale item leh)
$8.70           May 2014 Lactus - Constipation relief
$163.70       May 2014 Detailed Ultrasound Scan for baby body measurements
$74.00         May 2014 Medication / Supplements (Baby Checkup @ 18 weeks)
$25.00         May 2014 Bio Oil x2
$6.00           May 2014 Changing Mat
$9.50           May 2014 Cot Sheets 
$7.90           June 2014 Fan for stroller
$21.00         June 2014 Maternity Dress
$4.00           June 2014 Clip-ons for stroller
$21.40         June 2014 Iron-ons for baby bibs
$595.00       July 2014 prenatal insurance 
$1200.00     July 2014 savings plan insurance 1st year
$50.00         July 2014 good as new baby stroller (heavily discounted, U.P $300) - thanks Aliza 
$59.40         July 2014 Medela milk bottles x6 (price after trade in)
$10.00         July 2014 Nursing Bra
$74.00         July 2014 Medicine & Supplements (Baby Checkup @ 27 weeks) 
$90.00         Aug 2014 Tonic and Herbs
$55.00         Aug 2014 Medicine & Supplements (Baby Checkup @ 31 weeks) 
$24.00         Aug 2014 Maternity dress and Top
$199.25       Aug 2014 Accu Check Test Kit for Glucose Level
$120.00       Aug 2014 Maternity Photo Shoot
$75.80         Aug 2014 Wet wipes, shampoo, detergents
$10.00         Aug 2014 Liverpool Romper
$10.00         Aug 2014 Milk bottle stand for milk bottles
$15.00         Aug 2014 Breastmilk storage bags 
$8.00           Aug 2014 Spill free cup
$39.90         Aug 2014 Baby Carrier
$16.90         Sep 2014  Ginger Shampoo from Bodyshop
$2.30           Sep 2014  Container for Mittens and Booties
$50.00         Sep 2014  Infection Test (Baby Checkup @ 36 weeks) 
$18.00         Sep 2014  Sauces and Herbs for Confinement meals 
$6.60           Sep 2014  Mittens and Booties 2 sets
$150.00       Sep 2014  Chinese Name from Visiber
$15.00         Sep 2014  CTG scan (Baby Checkup @ 37 weeks) 
$12.95         Sep 2014  Chicken Essence
$9.00           Sep 2014  Coconut (Every friday for 6 weeks) 
$5.90           Sep 2014  Pureen Baby Shampoo 
$42.00         Sep 2014  Birth certificate registration at Mount Alvernia
$3144.56     Oct 2014  Baby delivery plus hospital costs

TOTAL COST : $8,011.66

$1194.93   Bed Charges & Doctor's fees (Baby)   
$1949.63  Bed Charges & Doctor's fees (Mummy)
$3144.56   Total Hospital Charges
===> $2100.00 deductible from medisave. 
===> $1044.56 payment by cash

And Finally!!!! In the early hours of 30 September 2014. Chloe was born!!!
After months and months of eager anticipation and preparation, we finally got down to this very day!!! What an amazing journey it has been!!! The road ahead is definitely going to be more challenging in monetary terms but definitely one that will be filled with much love, joy and happiness and of course...sleepless nights. 

I will try to keep this money tracker list going on for as long as possible. But for now let's start with some real world costs; 

Real World Costs 

$4.50               Oct 2014  fever patch
$4.00               Oct 2014  nose cleaner
$120.00           Oct 2014  First checkup with Gynae after giving birth
$20.00             Oct 2014  pillow set with 2 bolsters
$10.00             Oct 2014  swaddle
$15.00             Oct 2014  romper pack of 5
$7.00               Oct 2014  syringe for milk
$18.00             Oct 2014  polyclinic for jaundice checkup 
$5.65               Oct 2014  Petpet newborn diapers

In Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Poor Dad says "The reason i am not rich is because i have your kids." Rich Dad says, "The reason i must be rich is because i have you kids." My goal is to be in line with Rich Dad's philosophy, and in order to achieve that, i am working on my aggressive savings plan along with investments in the financial markets.