Saturday, August 30

Hello Kitty is not a cat!

Whaaaat!!!!???? Why???? Then???? Many people around the world must be wondering the same thing as me. We have all our lives been thinking that this character with whiskers and no mouth is a kitten as she is called 'kitty' right? Wrong! According to Sanrio, Hello Kitty is actually a British schoolgirl named Kitty White, is a Scorpio, has a twin sister, and their parents are George and Mary White. She also has a pet cat of her own called Charmmy Kitty.
How interesting is that? Why then does this British schoolgirl have whiskers, no mouth and has a name called kitty. Feels like we have all been taken for a ride by Hello Kitty. LoL. 

Next question. Is Doraemon a cat? Is Snoopy a dog? How about Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, Pink Panther? Are they what we think they are? Hmm...

Friday, August 29

MRT Trains Chartered for ACS Students to watch rugby match

5 trains from SMRT were chartered for Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) staff and students to watch the ‘C’ Division rugby championship final between ACS and St Andrew’s Secondary School at the Singapore Sports Hub. 

This is the first of its kind in Singapore and must have been an awesome experience for everyone in ACS. However, another piece of news puzzled me, LTA is considering taking action against SMRT for allowing this to happen and not seeking approval from them. 

I feel that such action is totally uncalled for and instead of 'considering taking action', LTA should consider applauding SMRT for adding some style to its way of transportation. From the view point of ACS, this is an innovative and most cost effective way of transporting so many students as it would have cost a lot more to charter buses. As for SMRT, as long as normal services are not affected to a great extend, there is no reason to reject ACS. 

This goes to show that Singapore is still a long way from breaking free of its tag of being a "fine" country and also a "law by law" culture where we are an approval seeking society.

Oh, about the rugby match they all went to watch. Well ACS beat St Andrew who were the defending champions by a scoreline of 28-8! 

Thursday, August 28

Winning The TOTO

This is one interesting piece of news on the front page today. The most difficult prize to win in Singapore just got more difficult! The winning combination of six numbers have been increased from 45 to 49. I once read that the odds of winning the top prize in TOTO is about 1 in 8 million (i.e correctly pick 6 winning numbers). With 4 more numbers being added, i would say the odds will be well over 1 in 10 million. 

The minimum prize has been increased to at least $1 million from the previous amount of $500,000. And each row of numbers now cost a minimum amount of $1, up from 50 cents previously.
There will also be a new category where $10 can be won by just correctly picking three numbers. 

There is a saying "buy lottery is like buying hope" and although this hope has become more out of reach, i am sure there will be no drop in the number of people queuing up at Singapore Pools betting stations.