Friday, June 17

Can you photocopy money?

Can you photocopy money?

When i was in primary school, i came across what i perceived as the greatest invention ever! The photocopier, the photocopy machine or whichever way you call it. 

Bear in mind that a photocopier is different from a printer. A printer just prints what you want it to. But a photocopier is able to copy the exact image you fit into it and then prints it out. How cool is that? 

So i asked myself a question every inquisitive 12 year old might have asked. Why can't i photocopy money? I'll be rich! Very rich!

Only problem is... i can't afford a photocopier, a printer or anything for that matter. 

Fast forward 20 years...(ok maybe more than 20 years). I now have a photocopier, printer, scanner and all that stuff. Guess what i be doing with them? Let them work their magic! Baby! Yeah!    

The result? Total can be seen from my awful photo above.  Turns out that our normal photocopy machine are just not equipped to print money. And even if you succeed, you might just end up like this guy who was caught producing and using fake $50 notes. (

In actual fact we do have strict laws against reproduction of our currency and multiple security features to deter counterfeit notes. Which is why not any Tom, Dick or Harry like myself is able to scan some notes for printing and then go on a spending spree.

A quick check on how anti currency counterfeits are kept in check revealed that there are currencies which prevents photocopiers and scanners from reproducing them. Photocopiers will detect the security features on the currency and recognise it as a currency preventing it to be copied. Awesome!

Looks like it's much safer to multiply my money through my savings challenges and index investing.

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