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Monefy - Your Personal Finance Manager

Personal finance manager

monefy money manager

This first impression i have of apps for money managers, expenses trackers or budgeting is that it will be very complicated with a lot of details to enter and 'serious looking' layouts.

Monefy provided me with a very simple solution to the concern i have had regarding 'serious looking' expense tracker apps. What attracts me about Monefy is its pleasing graphics and icons that is very gentle on the eyes that isn't too serious. It is for this reason that I found it more engaging than other money tracker apps I tried previously. The truth is i don't last more that a month using those apps which is the reason why i am writing this review after over 6 months of usage. 

Apart from its pleasing icons, the next best thing about Monefy is the simplicity in adding new spending data. For money that is coming in, just tap the '+' sign and select the category you assign it for. And for money going out, just tap on the '-' sign. So simple! 

Here are some other functions within Monefy;

How to add accounts in Monefy - Expenses and Savings Mode

how to keep track of your expenses
how to keep track of your savings

The simplest way to use monefy is to simply use it as a savings and expenses tracker whereby you select the '+' sign for money going in and the ' - ' sign for money going out. I have set 2 accounts for this purpose myself. 1 for savings and 1 for expenses. All my money challenges will go into this '23savings account' and all daily expenses will go into the '23expenses account'. 

In order to fully utilise the rebates and other perks from my credit card usage, i also created a separate 'CC UOB' and 'CC OCBC' account so that i can keep track of how much i have 'swiped' from each card. UOB and OCBC requires a spending of $500 to enjoy their rebates and higher savings interest rate respectively and i will be able to check my spending on the spot without logging into my bank accounts. 

How to add accounts in Monefy - Budgeting Mode

how to use monefy as a budgeting manager

You can use monefy as a budgeting tool. Just create multiple accounts and set the budget amount for each account.

Personal finance manager and expense tracker that will help you find out where your money goes in easy and efficient way.

How to add categories in Monefy?

Once you have set your accounts in, you can decide on the categories you wish to have or to delete those not relevant to you. Tapping the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner will reveal the available categories.

You may change the icon for each category by tapping on it and select the icon you desire and tap the 'save' icon on the top right hand corner. However, to add more icons you would require the paid version of monefy. To delete a particular category, just tap on the category and select the 'bin' icon.

How to export records from monefy?

how to export records from monefy to excel and email

Go to setting and select 'export to file' and change the setting like the following photo.

The file being exported will be in excel format and you can export to various sources like Dropbox, email, Gmail or Google Drive among others.

Monefy Shortcut Function

1) Easily add to different accounts. (eg, savings or expenses)

I stumbled upon this shortcut myself and loved it every bit. It is best for those who are very detailed and likes to create many accounts. Perhaps one for the dog, one for baby, one for spouse etc. 

Here's what it is. After selecting the '+' or '-' to add your income or expense, instead of having to go back to the main menu to select the account that you are adding to or deducting from, you can simply tap on the icon as shown in the picture above and a list of all the accounts you have will be shown. You can then select the account of your choice. Very neat! 

2) Calculate your items before adding

For some reasons, i did not realise this function until many weeks of usage. If for instance you have bought a whole list of items but would like to categorise a few items of different amounts relating to baby products, you can simply use the handy calculator for this purpose.


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