Friday, November 11

Trading Journal - 28 Oct 2022


Pretending to know what I'm doing

Used my 2nd free trade from Syfe in Sep22 to buy SPY at the Jun22 support level. Entry at $366.96. 

Saw another buying opportunity on 11Oct22 forming a support level with early Oct22. Entry at $357.53 using 1st of 2 free trades from Syfe to enter at $357.53

Selling opportunity formed when price rose to near $390, a resistance/support level from Jul & Sep22. Exited trade at $385.41 using my 2nd free trade from Syfe. 

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Using my link, you will get $30 credits (USD22) and 5 free trades for 3 months and subsequently reduced to 2 free trades every month. I will get $30 credits. 
Do note that a minimum top up of $1k is required.  

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