Monday, February 24

Money jokes for your wallets to get well soon

A big HI-5 to everyone!
We successfully survived the most painful period of the year...for our wallets!

Ok let's recap what we went through.

Christmas - Check!
New Year - Check!
Chinese New Year - Check!
Valentines Day - Check!

Each one of those gave us a left, right and centre punch if not a full knock out! Lol.

Here are some jokes i found that can at least soothe the pain for a little least for me. :) ☺

I am one step from being rich! 
All I need now is money! Lots of money!!
I will send the first million people
who send me a dollar, a free E-book on
how to make a million dollars!
Sometimes when I say 'I'm ok'
All I really want is for someone to say
'No, you are not ok, here's a million dollars for you!'
A little boy asked his Father one day
'Daddy! how much does it cost to get married?'
Father replied, 'I don't know, I am still paying..' 
I don't wish to boast or brag.
But my credit card company tells me
every month that my balance is OUTSTANDING! 👍 
It has been widely proven that
women can be satisfied with just 3.5 inches.
And it doesn't matter whether you are a Visa, Master or Amex.
The only exercise I have done this month...
Is Running...out of money! 
If those didn't make you smile...
Check out these for some inspiration.
👉Money stories  

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  1. You are right, the best way to save money is actually to start saving money. But we can make more money by investing the money. But, this is my personal opinion. Thanks for sharing yours though with us.