Monday, February 24

Money jokes for your wallets to get well soon

A big HI-5 to everyone!
We successfully survived the most painful period of the year...for our wallets!

Ok let's recap what we went through.

Christmas - Check!
New Year - Check!
Chinese New Year - Check!
Valentines Day - Check!

Each one of those gave us a left, right and centre punch if not a full knock out! Lol.

Here are some jokes i found that can at least soothe the pain for a little least for me. :) ☺

I am one step from being rich! 
All I need now is money! Lots of money!!
I will send the first million people
who send me a dollar, a free E-book on
how to make a million dollars!
Sometimes when I say 'I'm ok'
All I really want is for someone to say
'No, you are not ok, here's a million dollars for you!'
A little boy asked his Father one day
'Daddy! how much does it cost to get married?'
Father replied, 'I don't know, I am still paying..' 
I don't wish to boast or brag.
But my credit card company tells me
every month that my balance is OUTSTANDING! 👍 
It has been widely proven that
women can be satisfied with just 3.5 inches.
And it doesn't matter whether you are a Visa, Master or Amex.
The only exercise I have done this month...
Is Running...out of money! 
If those didn't make you smile...
Check out these for some inspiration.
👉Money stories  

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