Wednesday, April 30


And just like that, today marks the last day of the 2 most familiar voices at the other end of these 2 phone extension number 35 and 14 and they will be greeted by new voices, new personality and new faces.

14 is a motherly figure who give a sense of assurance to those around her and is also someone with whom you will not feel awkward to be around with. Talking to her is usually a good form of de-stressing for me. She will be one person sorely missed in the office.

Ever the party animal, 35 is one hell of an Indian chief. Brightening up everyone around her wherever she goes with her fun loving antics and positive energy. Life in office would be so much duller without her presence. Thoroughly enjoyed her company every time and not forgeting the endless assistance she has given me in my work. 

From strangers to colleagues, colleagues to friends. Although the office has seen the last of them, i will not, and i am sure about that. :)

Wishing both of them luck in their new endeavors.  

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