Thursday, February 18

McDonald's Surprise Alarm App

McDonald's Surprise Alarm App

Have you ever wondered why McDonald's are always the fast food restaurant with the longest queue?
I don't know about you, but the way i see it, it's because of people
like me (cheapskate you would say...haha) using their free rewards app McDonald's Surprise Alarm App redeeming free food or food at discounted prices.
If it's not about food, they
give you a quote of the day as consolation. 
But hey, who's complaining? 
It's an alarm, it's a reward, it's free!

How do you use the app?
You can download the app here.
After you have downloaded the app and created an account with them, you can set the time for your reward straightaway!

1) Tap on alarm

2) Tap on the hour, minute or am/pm and move the rim (yellow) to change the settings. You can also tap on the days you prefer the alarm to set off. (I just tap every day.)
Once you are done, tap 'save' and you are 24 hours away from your next reward 
To redeem, just show your winning screen to the friendly McDonald's staff at the counter (you have 48 hours to claim your reward before it expires)
3) Tap on redeem once and in the next screen, tap redeem again until you see the 2 minute timer starts to count down

Congrats! You just saved yourself a few dollars. 

P.S - Ensure you have data connection when your alarm rings or you will not receive any prize. (by the way, it is very persistent and will continue to ring if you ignore it.) Also ensure you have data connection when you are redeeming your prize at the counter. 

PP.S - Reward works only once in 24 hours so do not attempt to set it for every minute. (coz i've tried it...)

Download from Google Playstore or Appstore

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