Thursday, August 28

Winning The TOTO

This is one interesting piece of news on the front page today. The most difficult prize to win in Singapore just got more difficult! The winning combination of six numbers have been increased from 45 to 49. I once read that the odds of winning the top prize in TOTO is about 1 in 8 million (i.e correctly pick 6 winning numbers). With 4 more numbers being added, i would say the odds will be well over 1 in 10 million. 

The minimum prize has been increased to at least $1 million from the previous amount of $500,000. And each row of numbers now cost a minimum amount of $1, up from 50 cents previously.
There will also be a new category where $10 can be won by just correctly picking three numbers. 

There is a saying "buy lottery is like buying hope" and although this hope has become more out of reach, i am sure there will be no drop in the number of people queuing up at Singapore Pools betting stations.

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