Monday, November 24

UOB Painting of the year 2014

I would never have thought that UOB being in the financial industry would be linked to the arts scene. And in actual fact, the UOB painting of the year competition held by UOB has been going on since 1982 and is suppose to recognise Asia's budding artist and showcase their work to the world.

This year, the winning entry is from Singapore based Korean who did this 'oil on canvas', whatever that means.. won S$32,000.

Well this piece of art which seems like a big black square to me is actually a painting with 57 layers of colouring. Is this like the Emperor's new clothes? The judges all agreed that 57 layers is REALLY impressive and chose this piece to show their deep level of appreciation for art work.

Looks like my 2 month old daughter might have a future in the art industry..hmm..

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