Thursday, June 4

What would superheros do if there were no villians

Came across some pictures from which were cute, some hilarious and at the same time rather innovative to say the least. 

Ironman irons, this is a common one and quite straight forward but just cute. 

The Human torch from Fantastic Four! Roast chicken in seconds! Business would probably be good! :)

Thor as a sword maker, blacksmith? Ahh nice use of his hammer though. 

Captain America the waiter! Who would have thought his shield could be of such good use. 

Wolverine! The macho man slices his way as a butcher or meat cutter. Very impressive! 

I especially like this one. Spiderman uses his web as netting for rackets. 

Flash the pizza deliver guy. Need i say more?

Finally comes superman the mail man! He might face some competition from Flash for delivering stuffs, but i guess superman is the better man as he has no problems by passing the customs. 

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