Wednesday, July 20

Why you need a budget?

Looking through my phone messages i saw a text message that i have been receiving weekly without fail.

This is the auto recurring fund transfer i set up at the beginning of the year to have $26.50 transferred from my OCBC account to my DBS account which is also my everything monthly balance account.

I then started a casual conversation with my wife about my grand plans of saving and budgeting -
“Hey, did you realise how much we spent just this one afternoon? We should be keeping track of all our expenses so that we......”

“Track everything for what? What's the point of making our life so difficult? Wanna buy anything also must think so much!”

I guess i should just stick to our ducky challenge for now.

Budgeting is Spending!

That night, i pondered upon this conversation for a while and was thinking, yes indeed, why spending must think so much? Can buy just buy right? I thought i am a happy go lucky person?

But then again, i realise this one point. Yes, we should not be thinking so much about everything in life. YOLO yah (you only live once). And that's the reason why we should budget first before spending. Budgeting is spending freely on the object of your desire without feeling regretful afterwards. That's what my 6 jars to financial freedom is all about! After all, i do in fact have a play jar where i should empty it every month. 

Half a year have passed since the beginning of 2016. I was looking at my ducky challenge and a small sense of satisfaction came to me when i saw that this challenge was right on track. My wife and i have been putting our initials to the chart everyday when we drop a dollar into ducky.

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