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Monthly Savings & Expenses September 2016

Monthly Savings & Expenses September 2016

Whew! Where do I even begin? September 2016 is nothing short of breathtaking for me. This is the month where my business venture KidzDash starts operation in Great World City after many months of preparation. A truly whole new experience with a very steep learning curve.

This is also the month of my daughter Chloe's 2nd birthday. Can't believe she is 2 years old already and I was still thinking it was just yesterday that I started to track her expenses!

Another exciting as well as a pleasant surprise for my wife and I was that we got to know of our 2nd baby and after confirmation and consultation with our gynae, we are set on course expecting the coming of this little one in Apr/May 2017! Just awesome!

Back to the September expenses and savings update, here's how it all went down.

Monthly Expenses September 2016


House ($508.00) -  Groceries shopping and other household items make up this list. Notable expense this month is a new 24 inch Philips TV bought for $199 at NTUC. 

Food & Eating Out ($564.9 - $169.47 = $395.43) - Daily meals and the weekends eating out. 30% of eating out is allocated as baby expenses.    

Transport & Taxi ($178.50) - Monthly EZ Reload top up of $40 and a few taxi trips.  

Bills ($155.00) - Took up a new insurance policy with AXA

Communication ($42.00) - My M1 bill that is still on the 3G plan with 12 GB of data. 

Baby ($568.00 + $169.47 = $737.47) - The usual expense for Chloe including packet milk, allowance, tidbits etc. This is the month where Chloe turns 2! No elaborate celebrations though, just 

Packet milk x430
Sleepwear 26

Sushi snack4
MyLittleGiant Playground12

Total  $372.00

Baby 2 ($196) - Surprise surprise! We are expecting another baby. Did a scan at our Gynae to confirm his/her presence. Time to open up another account for him/her.  Excitement ahead! :)

Financial Freedom

Everything Savings Account ($200.00) - This goes directly to the 'DO NOT TOUCH' account.

Long Term Savings

Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF ($100.00) - This one's for the long term but automation is the key. 


Play ($71.80) - Trip to the Zoo on Chloe's birthday. She is able to identify more animals this time round was deeply fascinated by many animal shows and activities!


Gifts ($98.60) - Mooncakes for my Mum and Mother In Law

Total Expenses for September 2016$1,957.80


Monthly Savings September 2016

52 Weeks Increasing Money Challenge
$106 - Automation works like a charm! 4 weeks of $26.50! Yeah! There are many ways to save money, but i like this the most!

$1.60 - All the balance balance goes to this balance. In you go!

Financial Freedom Jar
$200.00 - From the Do Not Touch account to the Do Not Touch account!

$2.00 - Sold an old TV, 

Total Saved for Sep 2016: $307.60
Total Saved Since Jan 2016: $3,097.00

Check out how i did in previous months here!

If you have other ways to save money, do let me know. Thanks. :)

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