Tuesday, December 27

To Don't Do List

It goes without saying that the number one thought on everyone's mind is a resolution for the new year as we are reaching the end of the year. It is therefore also save to assume that we are all thinking about what we wanna do to reach our goals and how we plan to achieve that. 

This year I would like to do my resolutions in a slightly different way. Instead of creating a TO DO list. I am coming up with a TO DON'T DO list. Let's see how this reverse psychology or reverse engineering works. 

Here's what I come up with so far;


  1. Don't forget to track my expenses and post on my blog! (took me 20 days for Nov 2016, phew)
  2. Don't keep eating and eating (weight is an issue already!)
  3. Don't neglect my wife (opps)
  4. Don't neglect my daughter (daddy loves you ya!)
  5. Don't neglect my parents (I'm coming home for dinner. I promise.)
  6. Don't forget to create and follow daily plan (Don't forget to remember!)
  7. Don't forget to pay my credit card immediately after using.
  8. Don't always say 'YES'. (Yes and Ok are the same!!!)
  9. Don't procrastinate! Do it now! (Hey, is this a TO DO? hmm...)
  10. Don't worry about what other people think. 
I stopped at 10 but I am sure this is not even close to what I should not be doing. Looking at this list again, number 9 is definitely the killer of them all. If I can get number 9 out of the way. I am sure I will be the next millionaire. Haiz...

If you are reading this, i hope this also triggers a TO DON'T DO list for you. 
Feel free to share with me if you have some interesting stuffs to share. 
Do it! No, don't don't do it.  

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