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How To Win A Cow!

How To Win A Cow!

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A farmer had a cow which unfortunately died and he was desperately trying to sell it off to recover some of the loss of the cow.  He finally managed to sell it to a young man whom he thought was foolish to buy a dead cow for 10 dollars.   

A few weeks later, the young man returned and wanted to buy another dead cow from the farmer. The farmer had no dead cow this time but was curious about what happened to the dead cow he sold.  

The young man said: "I made a small profit with the cow I bought from you.  That's why I want another one.  I advertise on the newspaper, selling lucky draw tickets for the prize of a cow.  Many were glad to give me 10 dollars to win a cow." 

The farmer was shock to hear this and said: but the cow is dead.  Didn't they object to that?  

The young man replied: well, the winner of the lucky draw was very disappointed, so I gave him his money back.  

 Some takeaways from this simple story.
In every crisis, there is an opportunity.
One man's poison, another man's antidote.
Innovation is the only way to win. 

There are definitely more to learn from this story.
What do you think? 

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