Monday, August 7

Where's Your Mercedes?

An elderly man was taking a smoke break with his younger non-smoking colleague.

"I have a question to ask, says the colleague. 
"How many packs a day and for how long have you been smoking?" .
"3 packs a day for fifteen years," says the smoker.

“Fifteen years!” the colleague remarked in awe. “That's costs so much money. At $10 a pack of cigarette a day, you’re spending $10,950 a year not accounting for inflation and in 15 years, you would have spent $164,250! If you had invested that money at a respectable interest rate for the past 15 years, you’d have enough to buy a Mercedes!”

The smoker smiles and asks his colleague, "Do you smoke?"
"No!!!" he replied
"So where is your Mercedes?"

This story was adapted from its original "Where's Your Ferrari" version to fit into Singapore's context as a Ferrari would cost well over SGD 1 million to own. 

So where are all our Mercedes?
The truth is, a lot of us eating away our own Mercedes, rather than investing in them.
Many of us are not smoking, but we still don't have our own Mercedes.

A Mercedes can be translated into many things. It could be an investment in real estate, the stock market, our business, our talent and skills, health, or time or whatever that we are FOCUS on.

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