Friday, August 16

Don’t be a chicken!

Don’t be a chicken!

If you know one thing about me…
You know that I love helping people YOU build your business!
Now, you have the opportunity to do that same thing!
I know you might think I am a little cuckoo…

That I am just winging it…
But this isn’t some half-baked idea!
I have been working around-the-cluck to…
Hatch some new businesses – INCLUDING YOURS!

This is how it works!
YOU buy a chicken for a family overseas. 
Buy A Chicken

They use that chicken to start their own business…
A new business is hatched!

But, what’s in it for you?
Well, how about some CRAZY bonuses to help YOU hatch your own business?
That’s right…
If you hatch a business,

I will help YOU hatch yours! 
Business Bonus

So, what do you say?
Are you in?
Or are you too chicken?

Agedashi Edwin

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