Monday, October 21

What's the most a dollar has ever gotten you?

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There are a million ways to save a dollar and also a million ways to spend a dollar.
What then can a dollar get you? And what's the most a dollar has ever gotten you?

This person from the US probably gave the most touching and worthwhile use of a dollar.

His story goes like this..

It all started when Jfreak7 was in junior high school and there was this girl that he liked and flirted with for some time. On one particular band trip, they stopped at a gas station and she bought him a pack of gum which cost a $1. 

He tried to pay her back the $1 for the gum, but she rejected the money. So he slipped the dollar in her pocket which she also tried to slip the dollar to his backpack. This dollar bill then exchanged hands for probably a million times which was to them, also the silliest and cutest thing you could do to a dollar bill.

He began to up his game and actually mailed the dollar to her house! And interestingly, she used her own way of returning it by stuffing it in a gum wrapper and offered him a piece.

Feeling that the time is right, he decided to ask her out with the $1 with the words "Will you go out with me?" and gave it to her. She wrote a, "Yes" back. 

He kept the dollar bill from that day onward. 
After 4 years of dating, on their anniversary, he used the same dollar bill asking her to marry him. This time he wrote, "Will you marry me?" And again she said "Yes".

The rest is history and they have been married for 15 years and have three awesome kids. For this man, that one dollar got him his whole life.  

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