Monday, January 13

The fisherman who tried to fish more

There was a Fisherman whose only income was from catching and selling the fresh fishes he caught.

The more fishes he caught, the more income he would receive.
However, to catch more fishes meant he had to travel a longer distance in the sea. 
And travelling a longer distance also took more time for the Fisherman to return home and as a result, the fish caught lost their freshness and was unable to fetch a good price. 

The fisherman then brought freezers on his boat to store the fishes caught and preserve their freshness. Unfortunately, the frozen fish is unable to meet the requirements of his buyers and there is a difference in fresh fish and frozen ones.

Troubled, he took away the freezers and added fish tanks in his boat. As soon fishes were caught, they were released in the fish tanks and kept alive. Many fishes were unable to endure the long journey back in the cramped and enclosed fish tanks and died on the way. This caused contamination and affected the other fishes in the tank resulting in a bad shipment of fishes.

The Fisherman thought long and hard before coming up with a solution. Fishes caught were still released into the tanks on board but a small shark was also brought on board the boat in another tank within clear sight of the fishes. Amazingly, the survivor rate of the fishes was very high and brought in huge profits for the fisherman. 

What's happening here? A simple logic took place.
In the 2nd scenario, the shark created a motivation for the fishes to stay alive for fear of being eaten by the predator. This also maintain the alertness in the fishes requiring them to constantly move their muscles and kept the fishes fresh.

Key Takeaway from this story from me is although I can't be asking everyone to look for new challenges when faced with a stumbling block, what i can say is to get an accountability partner if you wish to ensure you reach your goal. This way, you will have a partner that is always be checking on your updates and progress.

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