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Baby Money Tracker 3

Christmas came early for us when my wife showed me her pregnancy self test results just before Christmas eve. In all likeness to our first 2 pregnancies, this 3rd baby came as a surprise as well. We were in a minor shock as, just 2 weeks ago we were at Port Dickson and almost gone on a banana boat ride and other water activities which she did not, as she was feeling nausea at that time. 

A pleasant surprise and a sense of overwhelming thoughts flooded our minds. Lol, imagining going over all the baby stuffs again. Nevertheless, come what may, we shall greet this new family member with as much love as we did to Chloe and Charlotte. 

In the same way as Baby Chloe and Charlotte, i will be tracking expenses as detailed as possible.  

Money spent on Baby Charlotte since conception;
$285.00       Dec 2019  Baby scan (8 weeks)                                              
$295.00       Feb 2020   Consultation & blood tests                                
$85.00         Mar 2020  Consultation  
$75.00         Mar 2020  Ultrasound
$16.00         Mar 2020  Prenavit Vitamins
$1177.00     Mar 2020  Delivery package (12 gynae visits)
$241.00       Mar 2020  Fetal Anolmy Test  
$49.00         Apr 2020   Fish oil
$395.00       Apr 2020  Prenatal insurance (AIA)
$1204.00     Apr 2020  Savings plan insurance 1st year
$84.00         May 2020 Glucose blood test at clinic
$59.00         May 2020 Tonic and Herbs
$67.10         Jun 2020  Glucose test kit and needle
$90.00         Jun 2020  Tonic and Herbs
$23.00         Jun 2020  Gaviscon (heartburn and reduce stomach acid)
$87.00         Jul  2020   CTG Scan and anitbiotics
$63.00         Jul  2020   Swab test
$13.50         Jul  2020 Coconut drink (Every tuesday for 3 weeks)
$49.00         Jul 2020  Wet wipes, shampoo, detergents 
$40.00         Aug 2020  CTG Scan for baby movement, heartbeat etc
$90.00         Aug 2020 Tonic and Herbs
$40.00         Aug 2020  CTG Scan for baby movement, heartbeat etc
$165.20       Aug 2020  Cab / Grab fare to and from Home / Thomson Medical Centre 
$132.65       Aug 2020  PD Consultation follow up at TMC (after birth) 
$180.00       Aug 2020  Chinese Name from Visiber
$19.00         Aug 2020  Polyclinic (Blood test for Jaundice level) 
$30.00         Aug 2020  Baby wear (fox kids) 
$52.60         Aug 2020  Nan Optipro 1 (formula milk)
$45.00         Aug 2020  Online Birth certificate registration at ICA
$51.00         Aug 2020  Herbs for baby shower, teat, tonics, shampoo 
$150.00       Aug 2020  After-birth consultation at Dr Tho 
$2300.00     Aug 2020  Deposit to TMC
$2365.87     Aug 2020  Balance payment to TMC
$350.00       Aug 2020  Massage package for mummy  

TOTAL COST : $15,585.79

$3171.15   Bed Charges & Doctor's fees (Baby)   
$5844.72   Bed Charges & Doctor's fees (Mummy)
$9015.87   Total Hospital Charges
===> $4350.00 ($1350 + $3000 deducted from medisave) 
===> $4665.87 payment by cash

And Finally!!!! Cherelle was born in the evening on 9 August, National Day eagerly waiting in anticipation for the NDP fireworks that would go off at around 8 plus every year!!!

Speculations among Family, Relatives and friends were going wild about whether Cherelle would be a National Day baby... and..

Just like her sister Chloe, Cherelle came to this world in a fast and furious way! 
Wife had some contractions in the early hours of 9 August, we had breakfast, then went downstairs to see the Army mobile column going past our neighbourhood. 
At about dinner time my wife began to feel more contractions, we then had a quick dinner and proceeded to TMC. After settling down in the delivery ward, i did the registrations and deposit payment for admissions while a call from the delivery ward came to the counter hurrying the process. I then rushed back to the ward and within 10 minutes, baby was out. 

I looked back at my admission time and delivery time.. the whole process only took 16 mins!    

And here she is! :)
Cherelle at birth. 

Cherelle at 1 month

In conclusion, there was an increase of over $1.4k hospital and doctor charges after a gap of about 3 years. But being baby number 3, even more stuffs were carried over from her elder sisters which certainly saved a huge cost for me. I am also thankful to my wife being a breastfeeding mum and my daughters for being breastfed babies.

Expense Tracker of my 3 babies
Baby Money Tracker 1 - Chloe
Baby Money Tracker 2 - Charlotte
Baby Money Tracker 3 - Cherelle

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