Monday, March 15

The Missing Gold

An old man decides to sells all of his goods for a large pile of gold. He had never seen so much gold in his life! He wants to enjoy the beauty of the gold but at the same time worried that someone may steal it from him. He then thought of a great idea to bury it in his backyard and every day he would go to his backyard and dig up the the gold, admire the beauty of the gold and then covering the gold back in the ground. 

A neighbour notices this unusual habit and spied on the old man. He was astonished to see that the old man had so much gold buried. He waited for his chance when the old man was away from home and sneakily dug up the gold without anyone knowing and ran away from town with the gold.

The old man came back to the hiding spot the next day to continue his routine only to find out that all of his gold were missing! He was devastated and at a lost of not knowing what to do. He confided in a friend who ironically suggested that he place a bag of rocks in the hole and cover it back up. 

His friend said in a low voice, “A bag of rocks and a bag of gold makes no difference to you because they serve the same purpose to you.”

Key Takeaway. 
It was said that if you don't make your money work for you. 
You will be working for your money. 

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