Friday, November 11

Trading Journal - 10 Nov 2022


Pretending to know what I'm doing

News of layoffs, lower than expected earnings resulted in Meta Platforms (Meta) - Facebook dropping to an unbelievably low prices. Decided to use up 1 of my 2 free trades from Syfe to enter at $89 based on mini reversal at the 1hr chart. 

Price was trending upwards on news of mid term elections and touching the diagonal trend line on 10 Nov 2022. Therefore decided to use 2nd free trade from Syfe to set limit for selling at $107 and went to sleep. Price before going to sleep was around $105, woke up to a price of $111.87 with exit price triggered sometime past midnight. Made $36 (20.22%), not bad i guess. :)

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Using my link, you will get $30 credits (USD22) and 5 free trades for 3 months and subsequently reduced to 2 free trades every month. I will get $30 credits. 
Do note that a minimum top up of $1k is required.   

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