Wednesday, March 12

Peko: Play to be Paid!

Peko: Play to be Paid!

Check out this new app "PEKO"!

It is an app where you play little mini games in the form of roulette with other users to earn points. Bonus points are rewarded if they are within 3 miles from your location and also when they respond within 10 minutes from the time you Peko them.

You have a limited number of pekos to search for user and 1 peko is added once every hour. Therefore use thoses pekos wisely. Pekos must be responded to within an hour or will be forfeited. It would be a good practice to peko only those who are online wherever possible.

Once you have earned 100,000 points, you can cash out for US$10 via Paypal. There is a small fee payable to Paypal when you cash out, but the payments are real and you are getting something for doing almost nothing which is a huge plus for any earning money app among others.

There is also a "Scramble Match" section where you can opt to use your points as a bet to play another mini game similar to bejeweled. This is usually a 4 person challenge and a chance to earn more points.

Click here to join me on Peko now!

***Peko requires you to login using your Facebook account to provide a secure environment to all users.***

Peko pays you to play!

Connect with friends - new & old - using peko to play games and get cash!

Peko's map and radar functions help you track down people in your area to peko! Once they return your peko, it's game time! Play the game to earn points that you can redeem for CASH!

Peko is free and simple to use. Join now to discover new surprises in your everyday life!

We are providing a brand new style of social network and way to communicate with friends. It's free to use and you can make cash! Peko is supported by advertisements and other services.

If you love Peko, share the fun! Tell your friends and family to start peko-ing too!

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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