Friday, January 17

Hello Kitty Kitchen Dining Taipei

I always loved how themed restaurants make you feel like stepping into a whole new world. 
Everything in the restaurant from the food you eat, the furniture and decorations right down to the toilet setting are just so exquisite and charming. 

Hello Kitty Kitchen Dining at Taipei is exactly one such uniquely themed restaurant. If you love pink this is truly a pink paradise as pink is everywhere in this restaurant. You will be forgiven if you are caught with your mouth wide open in amazement at how much pinkness and cuteness is packed into this cozy restaurant. 

Everything in the menu looked so pretty and captivating. We were simply spoiled for choice. In the end we settled for a burger set meal and a spaghetti set meal with the highest level of cuteness. Each set meal is priced between NT450-NT550 (S$19 - S$24) which includes a main course, a drink, soup of the day and of course...dessert to wrap up an awesome experience.  

How can someone not fall in love with such cuteness. Even if you hate the cat with no mouth for whatever reason, surely you will be charmed by one of her friends. 
There is a squirrel named Rory, Tippy is a strong and big bear always around to protect kitty, Jody is a studious dog who likes books. A mouse by the name of Joey is athletic and loves sports. And of course there is Daniel who is her boyfriend? Well, you can never have too many friends.
The toilet itself is adorned with Hello Kitty pictures and pink as its main colour. 
I have a feeling if they had their way, the tap would be pink as well. 
It was magical to just relax and dine the night away enjoying the company of Hello Kitty and friends. Not forgetting pretty waitresses all dressed in pink french maid style who attended to our dining needs all evening. 

Hello Kitty Kitchen Dining Taipei
Address: No. 90, Section 1 Daan Road
Tel :02 -2711-1132
Opening hours: 11:30 ~ 22:00 (Monday to Sunday)
Transportation: MRT Bannan line "Zhongxiao Fuxing" Station Exit 3

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