Thursday, May 1

5 Apps That Will Make Money For You

The smart phone in our hand can probably help us with a million ways and whether it's the calendar for tracking or just the calculator for simple sums, we can't take our eyes off it. Can we? If that's the case, why not see if our smart phones can make us some money.

Here are some apps that i have tried and tested that actually got me some hard cold cash. Some are better than the others but it all depends on the effort you put it. :) Cash outs can be via paypal or in the form of gift cards and free app purchase.

Checkpoints - Pays you for downloading and trying out apps. A couple of friend invites will push you towards your first cash out. But beyond that, its gets more challenging as they limit the number of apps for you to download and unless you are staying in USA, you will also find some apps unavailable to you.

AppTrailers -  Pays you for watching short clips of advertisements, movie trailers or games. Similar to checkpoints, cash outs become more challenging after the first one as they also limit the number of clips available for viewing.

8share - Pays you for sharing of articles and advertisement on your own social platform like facebook and twitter. However, you will require to share with a lot of people for this to work and can be a long wait before your first cash out.

iPoll - Pays you for taking surveys market research tasks. You are required to fill up surveys sent to you via emails. Some patience is require for this one as the emails might not come as regularly as you wished but as little effort is required, so it not all too bad. Point to note is to look out for some hints on where the survey is heading. If for instance, you are doing a cigarette survey, one of the first few questions will probably ask if you are a smoker, whether or not you are a smoker, if you answer no for this one, then you will not be allowed to continue with the survey.

Peko - Pays you for playing a roulette styled game with a random online user. Requires some effort to reach cash out but unlike checkpoints or app trailers, you do not have to wait for apps or videos to be available to you. You can play this app at your own pace and the more you play the faster you are able to cash out.

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