Monday, June 2

$40k "shameless" birthday party by blogger

There are many things a person can do with 40k. And it was reported that 1 blogger Sara Shantelle Lim spent it on her birthday bash. But was it shameless? 5 reasons why I think it's not shameless and perfectly alright.

1) She earned and deserves it. 
Like it or not, she probably did something good that made sponsors want to sponsor her 

2) She is doing her job
It may seem lavish to many people but in actual fact, she's just doing her job. Sponsors who sponsored her ultimately need some "air time" based on her popularity or ability. And whether it the food or just her nails, she doing a good job in giving her sponsors exposure. 

3) She's giving out sour grapes 
Yes I am eating one as well. But I guess a lot of haters probably wishes they were in her shoes. 

4) She is smart
There is a saying, "Seek and you shall find", "Ask and you shall receive". 
In this case she went seeking for sponsors and found S$40k worth of sponsors. Well Done! 

5) She works and play hard
Work Hard, Play harder! And true enough she plays really hard and in a grand way. 

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