Thursday, June 12

S$1 million gone in one year

It is situation like this that causes people to shun away from giving generously to charity or not giving at all. Makes one wonder what's the point when the beneficiaries spend the money like nobody's business. 

But then again, is it really their fault? 
I believe it all boils down their inability to cope this huge amount of money suddenly. 
So, is money the root of all evil?

"You can only manage what you can measure." 

Wise words from a seminar i had previously attended.
Yes indeed, we can only handle what we know we can handle, anything more would just fall off every time, no matter how many times.

It is therefore very important to set our own threshold and habit for handling money.
Here is a list of money management ideas to share;

1) 52 Week Money Challenge

2) Open a high interest savings account

3) 6 Jars to financial freedom

Once you have decided on a suitable plan, stick to it.
The general rule is "It's not the amount that matters, but the habit."

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