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Monthly Savings & Expenses Feb 2016

Monthly Savings & Expenses Feb 2016

Ok ok ok! The crunch month has finally ended! This is the most challenging challenge month (other than Christmas) for me! The month of Chinese New Year, the month when my
bank account is expected to take a beating; Left, Right and Centre! Kapow!!! The budgeting for the whole year could burst in this very month! 

Here's what i spent on...

Monthly Expenses Feb 2016

House ($599.10) - Grocery shopping trips to NTUC, Giant or other supermarkets are included here. New addition to this month was a $330 storeroom rack installed. It's always good to look into your storeroom every now and then as this major shifting of my storeroom items resulted in many items which i probably forgot of its existence but actually good for resale. Hey! It's Carousell time!

Gifts ($794.35) - Whoa, where did all that money come from  go to? Red packet (Ang bao) blessings to family, relatives and friends. Can this be considered as giving back to society? Hmm probably not..but giving out these money actually felt good!

Food & Eating out ($548.95) - Ohhh gimme a break...what's a festive season without eating out and good food? LoL.

Transport & Taxi ($104.95) - I am just glad it's not more. Taxi trips for CNY visiting is no small matter, especially when the road is all quiet at times.

Communication ($40.00) - Can't complain here, my M1 bill is still on 3G plan but i have 12 GB of data while everyone else is on....what? 3GB? 4GB?

Entertainment ($65.40) - It's been awhile since i last went to the movies at a cinema and there is nothing quite like watching a movie at the cinema but gosh, it's $12.50 a ticket!

Baby ($423.00) - It's the usual stuffs, diapers, milk, rash cream, food and toys.


Monthly Savings Feb 2016

01/02/2016447.12Balance from Jan 2016
11/02/20162Avengers Keychain
11/02/20162Avengers Keychain
11/02/20165Avengers Windscreen Shield
14/02/20163.6Old newspaper
04/02/20162Hamster bedding
01/02/20161.07Bank transfer ocbc
01/02/20161Bank transfer uob
10/02/20164.24Bank transfer ocbc
10/02/20161Bank transfer uob
15/02/20167.14Bank transfer uob
15/02/20160.52Bank transfer ocbc
29/02/20161Bank transfer uob
29/02/20166.88Bank transfer ocbc
19/02/20161Bank transfer ocbc
19/02/20164.41Bank transfer uob

($106) - Automation works like a charm! 4 weeks of $26.50! Yeah!

($14.60) Someone is buying my stuffs! Check it out yo!
These are stuffs lying around my house and I am just glad to let go even a low prices.
And oh, i cleared out a ton of old newspapers, magazines and papery stuffs during my CNY mini spring cleaning...for $3.60. Well, that settled my breakfast for the day. :)

(p.s. That's 4 less things from my 52 less things challenge!)

($28.22) Research have shown that if you constantly do something for 21 days, it will develop into a habit.
Having done this for 3 months, i can say that it's working on me. Every time i see any loose balance in my account, i am tempted to transfer that into savings.


Once again i have witnessed how fast time passes just by looking at the rate my little girl is growing and have the feeling that i am still not saving enough.

If you are not doing any saving for some time, today is a good day to start. 
Set up a 2nd bank account if you don't already have one, check out how i set my automated fund transfer every week to my "Everything Monthly Balance". Let the power of automation do its magic, and then go back to your slacking ways. Haha. :)

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