Wednesday, August 10

3 important lessons from Pokemon Go

3 important lessons from Pokemon Go

You may be aware that the mobile game Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, and in fact surprised many on how it could affect different cultures world wide.

Power on the Go
First of all - it is based on mobile phone and there's a saying that if you know how to command a person via his mobile phone, you control the market. And in this case, it is absolutely true.

Technology advancement
Secondly - it is social and rides the wave of technology. Imagine the game to be an individual's experience instead, it will not create as much impact as when you witness the masses participating at the same time. It is no longer just a game, but a movement.

Rapid global expansion
Thirdly - Imagine now you have in your hands - a business that functions on your mobile phones, rides the wave of technology in eCommerce and has expanded to more than 120 countries worldwide. It has become a movement.

And we provide you with the system and tools to build the business earning US dollars - even if you are just building it from the little red dot!

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