Thursday, March 1

5 Ways To Make More Money This Year

While some of us are still attending "Lo Hei" sessions and giving out blessings in the form of 'angbaos', many of us are already feeling the after effects the most 'costly' month. Because everything that is being spent on in the CNY month money well spent. Hey! It's CNY after all and happens only once a year! 

In an effort to repair the 'damage' done, here are 5 ways to make more money this year! 

1) The annual Hong Bao draw from Singapore Pools! 

Who can resist the temptation of getting $12M for the cost of a few dollars? 
Ready to place your bets? 
Here are some of the more 'popular' places if you wish to increase your chances of being a millionaire. 

- Tan Wee Fong Trading (25 Hits)
 Blk 24 Bendemeer Rd #01-529 Singapore 330024

- Choa Chu Kang Branch (26 Hits)
 Blk 303 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #01-721 Singapore 680303

- Delisia Agency Pte Ltd (29 Hits)
 149 Rochor Rd Fu Lu Shou Complex #B1-26 Singapore 188425 

Tong Aik Huat (30 Hits)
 Blk 685 Hougang St 61 

- Singapore Pools Account Betting Service (37 Hits)


2) Sell Your Trash

One man's poison is another man's cure.

Things lying around at home that you no longer use or have replacements already, could be worth a few dollars to even a few thousand dollars.

A general rule of thumb would be to ask yourself 1 question. "Will I be using or is there a chance that I may use this item in the next 12 months? If the answer is 'Yes', do nothing. If the answer is 'No', get rid of that thing!

You could set up an account at Carousell or Facebook marketplace and start selling those items.

3) Sell Yourself

Do you have a skill that you are particularly proud of? 
Why not use that skill and make some money on Fiverr? Everything starts from $5
Perhaps you have a killer smile and you can hold someone's logo for $5. More complex tasks that you are capable of will earn you more money. So just go ahead and register today at Fiverr

4) Keep Track and reduce your expenses

If you don't have the money to invest in some bitcoin or shares trading. Start with yourself. Keep track of your own expenses. Because, 'you don't know what you don't know'. Without keeping track of expenses, 1 or 2 fancy lunches or dinners may just be the cause of that big hole in your wallet! I use Monefy to keep track of my spending due to its 'idiot proof' functions and pleasing layouts. You can try that too.

If you are just too lazy to keep track of your expenses, another way is to do a money challenge. With the Automated challenge, just set a sum with your bank via online banking and close your eyes. At the end of the year, you will find yourself a little bit 'richer'. 

If fun is all that you are after, then try this fun money saving method here. Play it like 'tic tac toe' or bingo to save some money today! 

5) Be a reseller

Are you spending a lot of time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or even emails? 
Make use of that time spent and help other people sell stuffs. 

Go to this website. Check out their surprise boxes listings. 
Copy the product image and description and simply paste it on your own social media as if you are the one selling it. If someone approaches you to buy just refer it to the contact person here and get $5 for every successful purchase.

Tip: Be creative when posting images and description. Make your listing stand out from others. 

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