Thursday, March 15

Let It Go

Monkeys are agile, mischievous and extremely fast at escaping. But there is a well known method to catch a monkey by using a coconut.

First of all, cut a hole in the coconut, empty out the coconut, then make the hole just wide enough so that the open hand of a monkey can reach into the coconut but the fist cannot. Tie the coconut to a tree and place a bait which can be a piece of fruit or banana inside the coconut.

This method works by making use of the monkey’s greed. The monkey sticks its little hand into the coconut hole reaching for the bait and trying to pull it out but it cannot do so while still holding on to the bait. The harder they try, the more unlikely they are able to pull their hand out. And the only outcome is being captured by the hunter.

All the monkey had to do was open its his hand and let go of the bait, and he can get away and be free.
But his Greed overcomes him and his desire for his prize was so great that he sacrifices his life for it.

At this point of the story, we may all be thinking how silly and ignorant the monkeys are.

Well, maybe not.

The thing is, What is our coconut? What are we holding on to that is trapping us to a point that once we are able to let go of it, we would be free? IT could be Money? IT could be our perceived happiness, ideas, or feeling that the moment we learn to LET IT GO, we will then be able to truly experience happiness.

You may have a deep hatred for someone, but if you learn to forgive that person, you could be free from this bad emotion. In your mind, you may have the perfect idea of how things around you should work and how you would like to be appreciated. For instance, who should be doing the dishes or what kind of gift you should be getting for your birthday?

Think about it. If we could just let go of the 'perfect scenario', then we might be free to see what better outcome may lie ahead of us. Do not sacrifice your happiness, your life for your own version of the 'COCONUT'.

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