Wednesday, June 26

You can't use these words on facebook...

You forgot the magic word [Don’t say THAT!]

Facebook can be fickle.
One word, which may seem harmless, can derail your reach.
You see, it’s not a question of *IF* but rather *WHEN* Facebook adds a new word to the “BAD” list.
You may have seen it….

Try the word “Free” and see how Facebook punishes your normal reach.
In fact, there are 25 KNOWN words that can get you BANNED!

The great folks over at Moolah Marketer have an amazing list of 25 words Here you should NEVER use on your page.
Check it out and update your posts to avoid these words!
If you would like to know more about how to grow your page, you can also check out this workshop on facebook page strategies here

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