Saturday, November 23

5 Things You Should Avoid Buying New


Whether it is a puppy, kitten or hamster, It is always tempting to buy a pet from your local pet store as they are always displayed as adorable and conveniently located with pet supplies right within the shop. 

Buying a pet and pet supplies can set you back anywhere from hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. A better way would be to adopt a pre-owned or pre-loved pet from your local animal groups or forums. Many pet owners are more than willing to find new homes for their pet babies. 

2. Maternity and baby clothes

Maternity wear simply means clothes you wear during pregnancy or nursing your baby. 
Although there are many trendy maternity wear available, but compared with daily apparels, maternity clothes don’t get too much wear time outside of pregnancy. The same goes for baby clothes that are quickly outgrown.


You can buy used books at a huge discounts from online sellers in Carousell or Shopee. The condition of the books may vary, but they usually range from good to like-new. Many of us live near a public library that can meet most of our reading needs.


There are many sellers on Carousell trying to offload their old instruments.
Many parents or even beginners spend money on new musical instruments and then realise that music is not their interest. In such cases, it's money down the drain.

Renting or buying used instruments for practice is a better idea.

5. Furniture

The new year is the best time to hunt for used furniture. Why get the same item for full price when you can get it for just a fraction of it from another user who could be letting it go almost brand new just because it's the new year!

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