Tuesday, November 26

Start 2020 with a 100 Perfect Fans!!

Start 2020 with a 100 Perfect Fans...That Buy! 

I know, I know…
I thought Facebook was a pay-to-play platform too. But…

That was before I implemented what I learned in the 100 Perfect People Challenge. 

We’ve all seen what empty likes do, right? NOTHING!

They produce crickets when we try to launch a product or increase traffic to our websites.

That doesn’t mean ad spend is the absolute next step. 

This year I had a goal to be more purposeful in ALL.THE.THINGS. That included growing my audience the right way.

Check out the 100 Perfect People Challenge!  

It’s a 10-day quick start challenge that is chock full of actionable information. It’s only available a couple times a year and this is it for 2019.

Hit 2020 with 100 perfect fans - ones that will engage, share, and most of all BUY!

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