Thursday, July 28

Investment Summary - July 2022

Investment Summary - July 2022


Added 3 shares of GOOGL 
Added 1 share of Grab 
Added 200 shares of Singpost
Added 200 shares of Japan Foods
Added 31 shares of Nikko AM STI ETF
Added $200 of Syfe REITS
Added $2,000 of Singapore Savings Bonds

What have I done?

A month of many activities and learning in the stock market for me. 
Did not know that premarket and post market trading in the US is actually a thing. 
Also got to know that dividend yield % is not everything! Dividend payout price is also an important factor. 

One of the first few investment activity in July was to take up the SSB (Singapore Savings Bond). At 3% average return, it's the highest in a long while. My intention is to park a portion of my emergency funds in this bond. A $2 fee for applying and another $2 if redeemed early is all that is required for this bond. Interest earned will be paid out every 6 months (Feb & Aug every year). Shall see what the bond for Sep22 offers and may take up another one if the interest rate is good. 

It's Google! Difficult to miss this one at a low price. Setup 3 trades and the orders got filled nicely. 
Will continue to monitor this one and look for more buying opportunities.  

SingPost and Japan Foods 
Both have upcoming dividends to be paid out in Aug. 
Price was good for Singpost and I love Japanese food then just buy lor... :)
Actually I did do some homework on them. Stable establishment in Singapore. 
Consistent dividends. Reasonable stagnant price. 

Finally I see some greenery on this one. 
Been red the whole time. 

Grab & Nikko AM
Activated an account with Tiger Brokers and got a free Grab share.
Monthly auto deduction of $100 into Nikko AM for 31 shares this month. 

Portfolio Balance
Been reading up a bit on this and still not too sure what the correct mix should be. 
Any advice greatly appreciated. 
Looking to achieve 10% Bonds, 40% Growth, 50% dividends.

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