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Investment Summary - Aug 2022

 Investment Summary - Aug 2022


Added 1 share of Apple @USD 165 ea
Added 2 shares of Alibaba @USD 89.75 ea 
Added 3 shares of Google @USD 110.97 avg
Added 1 share of Johnson & Johnson @USD 172 ea
Added 9 shares of Palantir @USD 9.467 avg
Added 1 share of NIO @USD 19.66 ea
Added 2 shares of GSK @USD 33.08 avg
Added 7 shares of Haleon @USD 6.02 ea
Added 100 shares of Vicom @SGD 2.05 ea
Added 600 shares of SIIC Environment (BHK) @SGD 0.205 ea
Added 29 shares of Nikko AM STI ETF
Added $100 of Syfe Core Equity 100
Added $111.45 of Syfe REITS
Sold 1 share of S&P 500 @ USD 413
Sold 1 share of Grab @ USD 3.05

Dividends received Aug2022 - S$19.48 (Singpost, Japan foods, Syfe Reits, Nikko AM STI ETF, Vicom)
Total SGD Dividends 2022 - S$24.39
Total USD Dividends 2022 - US$19.63 (after tax)

Pretending to know what I am doing

August was a really volatile month where share prices form a mountain shape chart. 
An early rally in the beginning of the month followed by sharp decline towards end of the month. 
Scooped up some shares at very good price. While there were talks about the market hitting the bottom already, the prices just keeps going lower. 

Shall be looking to add on positions in Sep22 if they hit their price points.




Syfe REITS & Syfe Equity

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