52 Less Things

Adapted from www.365lessthings.com where a resolution was made to declutter items in the house by giving away, throwing away or selling one item everyday for the next 365 days, I have decided to do a 52 less things myself.

I will make it a point to list an item on Carousell once a week and if not possible, to set it aside for donation, or just throw it away if all else fails.

Every week I must list one new item for sale on Carousell!

Retrieved my account created some time ago and it looks like this;

Posted my first Carousell listing on 17 Dec 2015 . Let's see what happens.

Items Sold So Far
Feb 2016Hamster Bedding$2.00
Feb 2016Avengers Ironman Keychain$2.00
Feb 2016Avengers Altron Keychain$2.00
Feb 2016Avengers Car Windscreen Shield$5.00
Feb 2016Old Newspapers / Magazines$3.60
Mar 2016Cute keychain$2.00
Apr 2016Hello Kitty Medal$8.00
Apr 2016Hello Kitty Plush Toy$10.00
May 2016Chocolate Fondue Set$10.00

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