This page is titled as 'Forex' but what i really hope is for it to be titled as 'Forex Income' in the near future.

When it comes to investing, trading or anything along this line, people around me tend to freak out and immediately label it as risky lah, unpredictable lah, sure fail one... Well having made my resolution for 2016 on aggressive saving and actively investing, i have tried and ventured into the world of Forex.

Invested an initial USD 500 for this. Hopefully it will turn out to be a success, which i am sure it will be. I will update all my earnings and losses at least once a month. Wish me success! :)

January - First Trade
January - First Month of Trading +$128.99
February - Trading Update +$92.05
March - Trading Update      -$60.34
April - Trading Update         -$12.99 
May - Trading Update         -$29.05
June - Trading Update        +$16.53
July - Trading Update         +$6.06
August - Trading Update    +$30.00
Sep - Trading Update          +$30.00
Oct - Trading Update           +$225.42

How to Forex?
May the trend be always with me! 

May the odds be ever in my favour!

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